At long last – the brush laid to rest

Margit Preis’ last presentation may rightly be considered the final and crowning moment of Hidden Realism’s translation into imagery. It is hard to recall any other exposition where Margit Preis has managed in an equally convincing manner to demonstrate the enormous variety of styles she has mastered. Many creative lines of work have culminated here. There is nothing left to add. Completed. Done.

The last in a row of specifically Austrian motifs – its title "schnöke" a play on words on the German term for snail – features an imaginary slime trail taking on the shape of a map of Austria, a spot-on allusion to the current state of affairs in the Alpine Republic. "Lungenflügel" (lungs) marks the end of the body organs cycle, "Lichtpalast" (palace of lights) is an exceptionally delicate rendition of a mandala, while the series of nature scenes culminates in "monkey of thoughts" and "viele Gänseblümchen machen eine Wiese" (a lot of daisies make a meadow). The collage work that has the Vienna Inner City address "Hoher Markt, 1010 Wien" as its title rounds off a series of political statements made by the artist. With "die drei Neffen" (the three nephews) and "Nichte & Tante" (niece and aunt), on the other hand, Margit Preis pays homage to her family, a familiar theme with her in every sense of the word, whereas in "zwischenwelten" (worlds in between) she ventures into the abstract, merging the shadow of the sun with that of the moon. [more]