Stillness is monochrome?
The creative and the experiential space of the profound

Margit Preis is an impressive personality and difficult to describe. This is a paradoxical statement. A paradox is the concurrent existence of things that are mutually exclusive. Margit's nature is paradoxical in the sense that it is characterized by both stillness and movement, and she traverses this field of creative tension in increasingly determined and resolute ways. Her light nature seems to soar, and it can move at lightning speed but also pause. Margit's light nature also has a liberated quality, and encountering her engenders a comforting sense of liberation. This also applies to her art, in which she conveys this impression particularly through her work with ink and of course her dance.

There is a saying that creative people who are sustained by an inner melody set something in motion. Not only ink but also dance flows through the veins of Margit Preis. "At the bottom of my heart, I am a dancer." Everybody who perceives Margit's dance enjoys the gracefulness of her movements and also witnesses her remarkable feeling for rhythm as well as her sense of tact. The YouTube video of her performance "Tusche im Blut" [Ink in Blood] (2016) is highly recommended to all those who missed seeing her live.

The greatest possible approximation to the creative arises in the invisible experiential space of the profound. [more]